BASF – Cranston, RI

Scope of Work​

SES was awarded this remediation project at the former Ciba-Geigy site located in Cranston, RI. SES was contracted to excavate, transport, and properly dispose of PCB TSCA contaminated soil under an EPA approved Risk Based Plan.

This project took place in a residential neighborhood where neighbors raised concerns about the amount of truck traffic carrying hazardous waste through the neighborhoods for the duration of the project. In efforts to mitigate the truck traffic & provide cost savings to the client, SES developed a solution to load rail cars on site. SES worked with disposal outlets and the P&W railroad to create an on-site, temporary transportation load pad to allow for localized loading of rail cars. This resulted in a $100k cost savings, and reduced residential truck traffic by 40%.

During the course of the project, 2,500 tons of soil with PCBs >50 mg/kg were excavated, transported, and disposed of at a TSCA landfill. In addition, 2,000 tons of soil containing PCBs at concentrations of <25 mg/kg were relocated on site to be placed under an engineered cap. Finally, 4,500 tons of soil with PCBs in concentrations of <50mg/kg were excavated, and transported & disposed of at a subtitle D landfill. The project also included segregation of PCB-impacted debris / concrete in concentrations of <50 mg/kg. During deeper excavation SES was responsible for pumping and treating up to 200,000 gallons of impacted water.

Upon successful sampling results, SES backfilled the excavation areas and capped the entire site in accordance with the engineered cap. This engineered cap consisted of placing an impermeable fabric down and installing a 2’ cap of clean gravel material.




August 2018 – Present




Former Ciba-Geigy Site Cranston, RI